Thought Based

A New Concept Shop for a Fresh Life Style


Thought Based is a new concept shop for a fresh lifestyle located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

We believe that all natural products that don’t contain harsh chemicals are better for our bodies and environment, but just as effective. Thought Based is made from a group of various brands that share the same passion. Most of the products we carry are born in Hong Kong that mainly use local ingredients.

Our mission is to share our passion and products to help improve modern busy lifestyles and reconnect with mother nature.

Essencial candles

Natural candles made from locally sourced beeswax directly from a bee farm in Hong Kong. Each candle is blended with pure essential oils that work as an aromatherapy to relax and energize your body and soul.

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Lhamour is the first organic skincare brand from Mongolia. By combining unique traditional Mongolian ingredients with high quality natural ingredients, Lhamour aims to produce healthy skincare products that nourish and replenish the skin.

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Trace minerals and elements in SO GOOD products come from minimally processed plant based oils and botanicals. Skincare that nourishes our skin with the healthy fats and natural elements to give us a clear flawless glow. 

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Hong Kong based body care brand made from all natural, unrefined ingredients with essential oils. einnoc tries their best to package products with the least amount of plastic waste - using glass and paper containers.

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freshmade organics

Freshmade organics produces organic skincare products that are natural, nourishing and good for the environment. Each product is made with fewer than ten ingredients, is formulated for all skin types and is free of toxins. 

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coconut matter

Coconut Matter handcrafts cosmetic from nature. They believe beauty products are best harnessed from nature’s own plants and minerals, combined with innovative formulation to deliver natural bioactive results.

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Shop location & hours

(Currently closed due to relocation)


G57&G58 Solo Avenue, 5 Hoi Ping Road

Causeway Bay Hong Kong

12:00pm - 8:00 pm (Closed on Mon and Wed)

Currently closed due to relocation. Stay tuned!


Main entrance of shop building

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