The beauty of a candle gives us this calming, peaceful and romantic feeling we find essential to our home. We wanted to share our experience and love of all natural air purifying candles with family and friends so we started making small batches of candles at home. We now want to share the love with the rest of the community.


Now we all love a great smelling candle, but with so many different waxes and scents, what really are all the differences. Homework needed to be done. 


First is the foundation of the candle, the wax. The main waxes that candles are made of are Paraffin, Soy, Vegetable, and Beeswax. They can be blended in some capacity or used on its own. Each wax can do a similar purpose but not all waxes are healthy to breathe. Some waxes are actually made with chemicals and can be toxic to the air, but beeswax is all natural if found in its pure form. Beeswax has been known to produce negative ions which helps reduce dust particles and toxins in the air, essentially acting as a natural air purifier. Finding a source was easy, find out where the bees hang out. So we partnered with a local bee farm in Hong Kong to obtain beeswax in its all natural state. 


Now what about the scent? Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, perfumes....what makes the candles smell so good. Well, you probably guessed anything with a perfume or fragrance is chemical based and not ideal to breathe in hours at a time. So looking to add some healing benefits to our natural air purifier we added in 100% Pure Essential Oils. Whether at the Spa for some Aromatherapy, meditating and practicing Yoga or just a night at home with that special someone, our Essencial Candles have a special function waiting for you.


Oh, almost forgot to mention about the wick. You are right, all natural and 100% cotton. We don't use lead or zinc based wicks as we are sure you already know, its not safe to breathe that stuff in. 


So there it is.......The Essencial Candle. The all natural Beeswax Candle Blended with 100% Pure Essential Oils