All Natural Beeswax Candles Blended With Pure Essential Oils

Handmade in Hong Kong

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Passionately Made with a Healthy Lifestyle in Mind


The core of our candle, the beeswax, is sourced directly from a bee farm in Hong Kong. Our goal here is to get beeswax in it's purest form. Then we have traveled across Asia to find top grade or organic Essential Oils to blend with our local beeswax. In the middle of it all are all cotton wicks made in the US. For the finishing touch, a pure cotton pouch to carry your candle. 




All our candles are made from locally sourced beeswax directly from a bee farm in Hong Kong. Beeswax is non-toxic and acts as a natural air purifier as it produces negative ions when burning.



The perfect compliment to promote your well being. All Essential Oils are carefully selected to enhance your mood and fit into any lifestyle. It's the everyday luxury candle for at home, yoga studio or that special occasion.

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